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Time to Picnic….

Time to Picnic….

Lock-down has shown us we have a natural yearning for the wide open spaces. Our passion for the outdoors make sense right now, it's a comforting space that’s always been there we have just forgotten about it for a while.

Even how we want to decorate our homes is reflected in the need to embrace natural images, or a basket filled with collections of pebbles, shells or driftwood.

The routines of the world are a comfort right now.

Maybe it's discovering a corner of the park to picnic or becoming the hunter gatherer finding natures bounty by blackberry picking, nothing complicated. You don’t need to book the nearest Yurt, just pack a picnic and find that corner in the park for an hour or two or better still dust off your bicycle, fill the bike basket with lunch and off you go.

Just go outside kick off those shoes and just go for it.